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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

May 15, 1864

Battle of Resaca Ended

The Battle of Resaca concluded on this day. Much like the Battle of Rocky Face Ridge, the Confederates held off Union attacks on their lines, only to have another portion of the Union army march south in an attempt to surround the Confederates, forcing General Joseph E. Johnston to pull his army back. This would be symptomatic of the Atlanta Campaign - the Confederate army making strong stands, only to be outflanked by the more numerous Union army and falling back to avoid being surrounded. Casualties for the Battle of Resaca were roughly 2800 for each side.

In the lithograph of the Battle of Resaca shown here, one can see in the drawing an good representation of the battle - with the Union forces charging the Confederates, and the background a line of Union forces crossing the Oostanaula River attempting to surround the southern forces.