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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

May 13, 1864

Battle of Rocky Face Ridge Ended; Battle of Resaca Began

Around five o’clock this morning, Union troops left behind to take Mill Creek Gap through Rocky Face Ridge were unopposed as they marched through gap into Dalton, effectively ending the Battle of Rocky Face Ridge. While the fighting there was inconclusive, the Confederates were forced to leave to defend Resaca and keep themselves from being surrounded. Finding the Confederate rear guard had just pulled out for Resaca, the Union troops set off in pursuit, and around nine o’clock, they caught up with the rear guard and engaged in a minor skirmish.

Meanwhile to the south, the first fighting at Resaca was taking place as Union forces began testing the strength and location of Confederate defenses - so just as the Battle of Rocky Face Ridge was concluding, the Battle of Resaca was beginning.