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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

May 03, 1862

Soldiers Got Accustomed to War Sounds

A Georgia soldier in Virginia wrote home to his wife, telling her of how the men were becoming inured to the sounds of war.

“…Other again sleep off the effect of last night’s duty, scattered here and there on the hill-side in the rear of the trench. Not a minute passes without the sharp report of a rifle or musket from one side or the other, while the earth trembles now and then from the deep boom of a cannon in the enemy’s battery about 500 yards distant. The boys have become so habituated to such sounds that they produce little effect on them except perhaps in rare instances. Occasionally a ball whistles through or near a group which prudently disperses and seeks safety in the trench, but the lesson is soon forgotten, impressed on our minds though it be by the casualties of every day. … Source: Anita B. Sams (ed.), With Unabated Trust: Major Henry McDaniel’s Love Letters from Confederate Battlefields as Treasured in Hester McDaniel’s Bonnet Box (The Historical Society of Walton County, Inc., 1977), p. 65.