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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

April 27, 1862

Incident Exhibited Both Sides of Slavery

Many slaves understandably used the Civil War to gain their freedom, but on this day the Daily Constitutionalist of Augusta reprinted (from a Mobile, AL newspaper) one incidence of a slave being loyal to her “master.” While the article may have been intended to show the Southern paternalistic side of slavery, it also exhibited part of its dark side, in that the slave woman was separated from her son.

A Touching Incident.-Mr. Editor: On the receipt of the news of General A. H. Gladden’s wound, at Columbia, South Carolina, Nancy, a slave of his, (who, for faithful conduct to his wife in her last illness; to her infant Mary; and to himself, in an attack of cholera in New Orleans, has received some privileges) set out to join her master at Corinth, with the necessary documents from the headquarters of Gov. Pickens. Hearing at Huntsville information of the place being occupied by the enemy, she, with others, had to come by Mobile, fondly hoping to be permitted again to nurse the wounded soldier and patriot. But, alas! his spirit had fled, and the sad news that reached her here deeply affected her. Being thus far South, and having a son in New Orleans, and learning that Lieut. Gladden, his nephew, was wounded also, she asked permission to pass on to attend him and see her son, which was granted, and she left for New Orleans on Wednesday afternoon. Oh! ye of the North, if your souls could appreciate the relations of master and servant in the South, you would appreciate such affection as this. But you are dead to such sentiment, and must be left to your idol, the almighty dollar-your measure of sentiment, religion, justice and right.-Mobile Tribune.