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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

April 26, 1864

Soldier Wrote of Fighting with Deserters

A Georgia soldier in Florida wrote home to his wife, informing her they were on the move again, but that what little fighting they had was with deserters.

My Dear Wife this is to inform you that I am well at preasant hopeing those few lines may find you enjoying the same blessing. You will se by this that we hav moved from where we was when I writ to you last. we on the march to Tamperbay or to sume point near that point. Tamperbay is a bout 150 miles south of this place. it is not thought that we will hav much fighting to do thare as we are mostly ordered thare to guard that point a while: we will hav to leave hour knapsacks here a gain with out knowing when we will get them a gain there is a grate many deserters in that part of the state and we may get in to a bresh occasionally with them: It is likely to be a difficult matter in refference to getting mail through to whare we will be station tho you must write and I may get your letter. it is uncertain when you will hear from me a gain but I will let you hear as early as poserable. when you write direct your letters to Gainesville Florida Co F 64 Ga Vol. I wrote Carter a few days ago but I hav not reed any answer yet. honey I never was so tired of looking at men in my life I dount get to se a woman wonce a week hardly and I hav not spoke to one in 3 months until yesterday and I got her to wash sume clothes for me. I must come to a close as I hav not time to write any more and there is so much confusion that about camp one can hardly think of what he wants to write. give my love to all and kis the children for me and accept my best love yourself good by. Source: The Letters of Edmond Hardy Jones, Private, 64th Georgia