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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

April 26, 1864

Soldier Heard Sounds of Battle

A Georgia soldier in Virginia wrote to his wife that he felt a battle was near - he could already hear cannon, but did not know why they were firing. As it turned out he would be involved in the spring campaign, and would be captured at one of the battles. This was his final letter (surviving at least) to his wife before the fighting and his capture; he would write her some from prison camp much later.

“…My Dear I am very uneasy hear it looks like I cant get away from hear an I expect a Battle Near hear before long, the cannons is roaring in front now an have bin all this morning. I suppose they are 10 or 15 miles from us but it will not take us long to go there if we are needed. … I can think of nothing to write my mind is on something else when I hear the cannons roar. …” Source: Katherine S. Holland (ed.), Keep All My Letters: The Civil War Letters of Richard Henry Brooks, 51st Georgia Infantry (Macon: Mercer University Press, 2003), p.118.