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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

April 19, 1864

Longstreet Soldier Returned to Virginia

A Georgia soldier in Longstreet’s corps wrote to his wife that they had arrived back in Virginia after a long march from Tennessee.

“…We are now with General Lee’s army in Virginia, got here yesterday and I guess will stay here until the great battle of the war. The Yankees are concentrating a large force here now, so are we. I think we are going to have worse fighting here this spring than we have ever had. I hope to come out safe and get home to those I love. … I am very glad to get back to Virginia and hope we will stay here as long as the war lasts. Our people are making great preparations for a siege at Richmond. I don’t want to be in the siege, it will be so sickly if we are surrounded and hemmed up in there and then if the Yankees get us in and surround us then I can not write to my dear Molly, but I don’t think they will ever get us surrounded. They will have some hard fighting to do first. …” Source: Ronald H. Moseley (ed.), The Stilwell Letters: A Georgian in Longstreet’s Corps. Army of Northern Virginia (Macon: Mercer University Press, 2002), pp. 250-251.