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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

April 18, 1861

Governor Brown Called on Georgia Men to Volunteer for Military Service

Georgia Governor Joseph E. Brown, in response to the Federal call for troops, called on all Georgia men to volunteer for military service.

The Chronicle & Sentinel in Augusta agreed with Governor Brown:

The Plain Duty of Every Citizen Let us all, with one accord, prepare to welcome the invaders with “bloody hands to hospitable graves.” We have to deal with an enemy wily and treacherous, base, malignant and full of hate. It is impossible to know what are the full designs of Lincoln and his black band. Of one thing we may be assured: they will strike any and all the harm they have the power to do. Therefore we can lose nothing by being fully and thoroughly prepared at every point, and for any emergency. Now we recommend that every man capable of bearing arms, regardless of age, and every boy sixteen years old and upwards, begin immediately to train and drill. … Source: The Civil War: Primary Documents on Events from 1860-1865, Edited by Ford Risley, Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut, 2004, pp. 76-77

One of the early companies formed was the Oglethorpe Infantry, pictured here.