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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

April 15, 1861

Journal Entry Mentioned Capture of Fort Sumter

A man in Columbus, GA, writing in his diary, told of the excitement of the capture of Fort Sumter, and mentioned two of his sons were enlisting to fight for the South.

“Monday. Saturday was a day of great rejoicing. Anderson, the commander of Fort Sumter, is now a prisoner of General Beauregard. The excitement seems to keep up. Orders have reached here for more troops to go to Savannah. Tomorrow, General Simms’ company leaves. Watkins and Eugene are preparing to go. Reports have reached us that a reinforcement of the old government troops had gotten into Fort Pickens at Pensacola.” Source: John Banks, Autobiography of John Banks, 1797 - 1870 (Austell, Ga.: privately printed by Elberta Leonard, 1936), p. 23.