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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

April 15, 1865

Diary Entry on Yankees Approaching Columbus

Eliza Frances Andrews wrote in her diary of believing the Yankees would be in Columbus, Georgia soon.

“A new rumor, that the Yankees are at Glenville, advancing on Eufaula, but those best qualified to judge seem to think this move only a feint, and that their real destination is Columbus. We seem to have been followed all winter by storms and floods and Yankee panics. We are not much disturbed by this one, however, as we expect to leave for Macon on Monday, anyway. Capt. Greenlaw and Mr. Renaud called in the afternoon, but I was frizzing my hair and the other girls were asleep, so none of us went downstairs to see them. Capt. Greenlaw came again in the evening, but he was either sick or in love, for he didn’t laugh and tease as usual, and kept asking for sentimental songs. ” Source: Eliza Frances Andrews, The War-Time Journal of a Georgia Girl, 1864-1865 (New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1908), pp. 143-144.