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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

April 15, 1864

Diary Entry on Many Hardships

Julia Johnson Fisher again confided to her diary of the many hardships she and her family were enduring because of the war.

Had a dish of boiled rice and dry corn bread for breakfast. Nothing on it. For dinner a soup made of the beef bone that Kate gave us with rice and corn bread. It is a rainy day and gloomy. My thoughts continually at the North. I am homesick and I wonder what is my duty in regard to going, whether it will be made plain to me. It seems as if I could not stay contentedly another year and what shall we live on if we go North? It is a question that we cannot solve. I can hardly wait for mail day to come, and yet we are disappointed week after week. Now that we have been favored with letters I want them to come thick and fast. How long the three last years have been. They seem like a vast uncomfortable dream. Once I wished for a “lodge in a vast wilderness”. I have realized the fallacy of such a wish, and now I am led to say “Oh, Solitude, where are thy charms?” Give me Society, Friendship and Love. So “divinely” bestowed upon man. I did not appreciate the blessing when I had it and this is a deserved chastisement. May I receive it with profit. Mr. Fisher is planting corn. Sybil is scratching in the garden. My homemade shoes are too thin to admit of my going out in the wet and so I stay in and think so hard of home. Oh! such a longing to see the girls and partake of their northern comforts once more–how little can they realize our forlorn situation. Source: Julia Johnson Fisher, 1814-1885 Diary, 1864