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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

April 08, 1863

Soldier Plagued by Cold Weather, Thankful for Help at Home

A Georgia soldier writing home to his wife from Virginia told her that, despite it being spring, winter weather still plagued them. He also encouraged her to keep busy, and thanked their friends and his mother-in-law for helping his wife out while he was away.

“…It is very cold here yet, and day before yesterday the ground was covered 8 or 10 inches deep with snow. My coat is a great friend. We have been ordered to send off all our baggage that we could not carry all summer. I did not send it because I need it yet and shall trust to chance to get it carried on a wagon. I received the book and testament which you sent by Mr. Boykin and was very glad to get them. My dear, I hope this will find you in good spirits and health. It was truly pleasing to see how heroic you was last year and how you overcame every difficulty. I hope your health will be good and you will be as happy as possible. I have to repeat the same old thing: “keep employed”. I am under many obligations to your kind friends for their kindness and considerate love towards you. They have won my love by their kindness towards us both. Give my kindest regards to your mother in particular. She is every way worthy of the love you bear her. She shall ever be my mother as well as yours. Give my love to all the family. …” Source: Milo Grow’s Letters from the Civil War