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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

March 30, 1863

Union Soldier Wrote of Prisoner from Georgia

A Union soldier stationed in Kentucky wrote of looking after Confederate prisoners - one of whom was from Georgia.

“…I have to search the prisoners to see if they have any thing concealed about them and we have to take all of their money from them it seems rather hard to take the last cent out of a mans pocket but we have to do it take his knife from him and all papers found on his person and read them and if they want to write a letter we have to read them if they write to their girls it is fun some times though they all say we treat them the best they have been treated since they have been taken we had some in here that was taken at Paryville [sp. Perryville] last fall they were wounded the most of them we had one Capt & Lieut one of them was from Georgia…” Source: Harrison E. Randall Letters, Manuscripts of the American Civil War, Notre Dame