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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

March 30, 1864

Alternate Method of Making Blackberry Wine

The Southern Banner of Athens printed an alternate way of making blackberry wine (often used for medicinal purposes) in the absence of sugar due to the Northern blockade.

Blackberry Wine. Mr. John H. Colt has presented us with a bottle of blackberry wine, in which he used sorghum syrup instead of sugar. The syrup should be used according to taste; but care should be taken that the wine is not made too sweet. Probably a safe rule would be to use the same quantity by weight as of sugar. The sample before us is fully equal, if not superior, to any we have ever tasted. This is a valuable discovery; as nothing is more useful in certain cases of sickness, than blackberry wine, and its manufacture has almost entirely ceased, on account of the scarcity of sugar. Mr. Colt deserves the thanks of the public for the prompt manner in which he has made the discovery known.