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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

March 30, 1864

Soldier Wrote of Being Short of Clothing and Money

A Georgia soldier stationed in Florida wrote home to his wife; like many soldiers he was short on clothing and money.

My dear wife this is to inform you that yours of the 22nd of March came duly to hand. I was much gratified to hear that your Pa was able to be up and walk about the house and yard. I was truly glad also to hear that the rest of the family was all in good health. This leaves me in vary good health at preasant hopeing these lines may find you enjoying the same blessing. we are still lying here at the same place. thare has been no new movements made by either army since I writ to you last that I have heard of but we are expecting sumething to turn up every day. we hav jest received hour knapsacks a few days ago which contained hour clothing …….. were very black and dirty and lousy if you will alow me the expression but we are nearly clear of all at preasant: we hav to pay 50 cts a garment for washing or do it hour selves. My money is getting prity short as I hav never been paid off yet oweing to the fact that I would not receive it when the rigement was paid off about 4 weeks ago for the reason I prefered to wait and get of the new issue which we will sume time in May or June. You knead not send me any money as I fear you may not hav more than will answer your own perposes, and I can get as much money here as I will knead before I am paid off. I fear you will run short of money as I dount think you will ever draw much from the court in Chattahooche County. You knead not hav the shoes made that I writ to you about in my last letter more espetially if you hav to pay more than 15 or $20 dollars for them as I may draw sume by the time I knead them vary bad. good shoes is selling here for $75 to $100 a pair. my shoes is good yet that I brought from home or will be when I have them half soled which I can do here almost any day. If you hav not made up the Janes that you bought for me dount do it untill next fall as we dount know what kind of garments I may knead most by that time. I was surprised to hear of Dinks marriage to Miss Cobb. They were quite smart to plant the corn before they made the fence. I recon you will hav sume news to write to me from hour old settlement in your next letter as you stated that Ma was going down thare soon. write whare the boys is and their Post office. You knead not be surprised to hear from me at any other point by the time I write again as hour movements are a going to be vary uncertain during this spring. Write soon and direct as before. I dount think you hav the first letter I writ you after the battle. it is delad from sume cause. Give my love to all. Source: The Letters of Edmond Hardy Jones, Private, 64th Georgia