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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

March 24, 1864

Soldier Wrote of Smallpox in Camp

A Georgia soldier in Florida wrote his wife about the illnesses in camp; fortunately for him he only had a bad cold - others were suffering from smallpox.

My dear wife yours of the 15th came duly to hand. it gave me the extream pleasure of hearing that you was all wel at that time. this leaves me in tolerable health at this time. I hav had a vary bad cold: which prevails to a considerable extent here in camp. the small pox is also raging here in our ridgement. Thare has been 5 cases of it in one company adjoining hours and I dount know how many there is in the ridgement. they hav all been taken off to the woods and put in sume bresh shanties built for the purpose of a hospital. I hav no news of any intrest to write to you at preasant. the yanky hav made no new move that I hav herd of they still remain in Jackson and it is thought they hav been reinforced heavily. but they hav not thought ………… to advance on us any more: we are prity well fortified here at this place we are throwing up a long line of fortifications back in hour rear at Baldwin which is at the junction of two railroads. this will be Buragards strongest position. Hour rations are prity short. we draw one pound of meat for 3 days and a vary scant alowance of coarse corn meal. we draw no syrup nor rice nor nothin elce but a little hand soap. But I suppose that is about as wel as any of the soldiers are faring at this time. Tell Bud that if he has to go in the survice any more and dount hav to go in his old company to come to the 64th as I think he can do as wel here as any where elce. Thare is no furloughs granted from this department at this time only in vary extream caces. you need not therefore look for me home soon without something more than common turns up. If you hav not had my shoes made you may let them alone for a while as my shoes is tolerable good yet and I can get them half soled here in camp and they will last me through the summer and by that time we will certainly draw some. Kiss the children for me and give my love to all and accept a large portion your self. Source: The Letters of Edmond Hardy Jones, Private, 64th Georgia