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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

March 21, 1864

Act Encouraged Organization of Navy

The Georgia General Assembly passed an Act encouraging the organization of a Navy to defeat the Union blockade of the state and the South.

Full Title: An Act to encourage the organization of a Navy. WHEREAS, It is recognized by the law of nations to be a right of belligerents in time of war, as far as may be in their power, to destory the enemy’s commerce, in order to weaken the foundation of his Naval power, and to use all means of capturing or of driving from the Sea, the fleets of the enemy, both mercantile and war-like, for the purpose of crippling him, and bringing him to terms and producing peace; and whereas, the Confederate Congress, relying upon these impartial principles of international law, and actuated by the laudable desire of encouraging the people to enter upon this most effectual field for injuring oar enemy and constraining him to honorable terms of pacification, heretofore to-wit: on the 18th day of April, 1863, passed an act to establish a volunteer Navy. Now, therefore, for the purpose of promoting the laudable policy of the Confederate Government in this particular, and to give such further encouragement as may be in our power, to the organization of a Navy. 1. SECTION I. The General Assembly of Georgia do enact, That private corporations having for their object to operate under the Act of the Confederate Congress aforesaid, may be formed by any number of the citizens of this State, by complying with the following provisions. to-wit: A declaration of the applicants specifying the objects of their associations, and the business they propose to carry on, together with their Corporate name, and the time, not exceeding thirty years, they desire to be incorporated, signed by the Stockholders and accompanied by the oath of the President, taken before some person authorized to administer oaths, of the amount of capital in money or property at its sworn valuation, actually paid in and employed, or to be employed by such corporation, shall be filed in the office of the Governor of Georgia – where-upon His Excellency the Governor, upon being satisfied of the good faith of the parties concerned, shall cause record thereof to be made, and issue to the Company a certificate of incorporation. [Sidenote: Private Co.’s may be incorporated by filing declaration, giving name, capital, &c.] [Sidenote: Gov. may issue certificates of incorporation.] 2. SEC. II. Be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That it shall be a violation of the charter of any company thus organized, to enage in what is commonly called running the Blockade, for the purpose of bringing in cargoes of goods, whether assorted or not on private account; but it shall be lawful for them to bring into any of the ports of the Confederate States, any goods, wares and merchandise allowed by the laws of the Confederacy, under written permit, or by written request, or contract of His Excellency the Governor of Georgia. [Sidenote: Blockade running prohibited under condition.] 3. SEC. III. Be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That for each and every violation of the foregoing section, any company so violating, shall be subject not only to a forfeiture of their charter, but also to a forfeiture of all property they may have in Georgia, to be adjudged and recovered upon information filed by the Solicitor General, to the Superior Court of any county in which they may have property; and for the purpose of detaining the property until adjudication is had, the Judge of the Superior Court, upon affidavit of the Solicitor General, shall have power, either at Chambers or in open Court, to order the same attached and held in custody by the Sheriff, to answer the judgment of the Court. [Sidenote: Violations of Sec. 2nd how punished.] 4. SEC. IV. Be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the capital stock of any company which may hereafter organize under the provisions of this Act, may be increased to any desirable amount, by filing a statement of such proposed increased stock, in substantial accordance with the first section of this Act. [Sidenote: Capital stock may be increased.] SEC. V. All conflicting laws are hereby repealed. Approval Date: Assented to March 21, 1864.