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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

March 18, 1864

Report on Reception of Governor Brown’s Message

The Richmond Times Dispatch reported - with information from a Savannah newspaper - on the reception in Georgia to Governor Joseph E. Brown’s recent address to the special called meeting of the Georgia Legislature; apparently the address was not being well received in many places.

Governor Brown’s message. –The message of Gov. Brown, of Georgia, of which a very full telegraphic abstract has been published, does not seem to take well in his own State. The Savannah Republican says: It is just forty-nine and a half pages in length including the appendix, and we venture the assertion that nothing has appeared in the Confederate States convey such true joy to the hearts of the enemy. The message was the general topple of conversation in this city yesterday - or rather the synopsis of it published in the morning papers. The expression of utter condemnation was universal.–The staunchest friends of Gov. Brown did not hesitate to pronounce it as a most untimely and pernicious document. Even the Morning News, which is accustomed to regard Gov. Brown as infallible, and has sustained him in all his vagaries and maladministration, is “startled” by what it considers an “extraordinary” message, which, if sustained by the Legislature, would lead to a conflict between Georgia and the Confederate authorities, which would be “as deplorable and disheartening to the Southern patriot as it would be encouraging to our enemies.” Gov. Brown, emboldened by past success, has evidently made one experiment too many on the popular credulity and patriotism. Every true-hearted Georgian will blush that the Executive of this great State should seek to place her in so false and wrongful a position, and the Governor himself will live to regret it.