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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

March 05, 1862

Augusta Mayor Called for Donations of Blankets

The Daily Constitutionalist of Augusta published an appeal from the Mayor for citizens to donate blankets for a new company of soldiers raised in the city. Because of the blockade new blankets, or the material to make them, were impossible to purchase, so the soldiers were dependant on the donations from private citizens.

To the Citizens of Augusta. I appeal to the patriotic and liberal citizens of Augusta to furnish supplies of blankets to the new company raised under the proclamation of his Excellency the Governor, the “Georgia Guards.” Other companies which have gone from this city have been supplied with these articles so indispensable to the health and comfort of the soldier; but it is now impossible to purchase them, and this company cannot obtain them unless they are furnished by the citizens from their households. The time of year is at hand when we can do without blankets, or replace them with other articles of equal service, and it is hoped, therefore, that all those who can contribute will do so at once. They can be brought to-day and to-morrow, and deposited at the Mayor’s office in the City Hall. It is also desired that the names of the donors be pinned or otherwise fastened to the blankets. Let none be backward in rendering this necessary assistance, who are able to do so without distressing themselves. Robert H. May, Mayor C. A.