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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

March 03, 1865

Governor Brown’s Message on Sale of Cotton

The following message from Georgia Governor Joseph E. Brown was read to the Georgia Senate; it mentioned that the North was allowing the sale of cotton, but only for relief of Confederate prisoners.

EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT, Macon, March 3rd, 1865. To the General Assembly: I am informed that the Government of the United States, will permit cotton to be shipped through the blockade, to be sold North and the proceeds applied to the relief of our suffering prisoners confined in their prisons. I also learn, that other States have taken action in this matter for the relief of their suffering sons. None have done their duty more faithfully than the Georgia troops, and while we provide for the wants of those under arms and their families, we should not forget those who languish in foreign confinement. I, therefore, recommend an appropriation sufficient to purchase one thousand bales of cotton to be shipped to New York and sold, and the proceeds applied to their relief. And I further recommend that the Governor be authorized to appoint a proper agent to go to New York, and see to the sale of the cotton and the proper application of the fund. JOSEPH E. BROWN Source: Journal of the Senate of the Extra Session of the General Assembly, of the State of Georgia, Convened by Proclamation of the Governor, at Macon, February 15th, 1865: Electronic Edition.