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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

February 27, 1865

General Assemby Adopted War-Related Resolutions

The Georgia General Assembly, meeting in Macon, passed the following war-related items.

Mr. Pottle moved to suspend the rules–which was agreed to, to take up the report of the committee on the bill, to be entitled an act for the better securing to indigent families, appropriations for their relief. Mr. Sprayberry moved to recommit the bill–which was lost. Mr. Bacon moved to refer the bill back to the committee on the Judiciary–which was lost. The report was agreed to and the bill was read the 3d time and put on its passage–upon which the yeas and nays were ordered and resulted as follows–Yeas 19, Nays 7. So the bill was passed. … A bill to be entitled an act for the relief of Tax Receivers, who have been or may be prevented by the public enemy, from completing the work required of them by law. … A resolution relative to the subordination of the Military, to the Civil authority, when not displaced by the presence of the public enemy. … Mr. Gaulden moved to take up the resolutions, in relation to the enlistment of Slaves in the army–which was agreed to. Mr. Guerry moved to refer the same to the Committee on Confederate relations–which prevailed. … Source: Journal of the Senate of the Extra Session of the General Assembly, of the State of Georgia, Convened by Proclamation of the Governor, at Macon, February 15th, 1865: Electronic Edition.