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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

February 27, 1861

Letter Introduced Martin J. Crawford as Special Commissioner

On this day Confederate President Jefferson Davis sent aletter to President-Elect Abraham Lincoln, introducing Martin J. Crawford of Georgia as a special commissioner to the United States:

MONTGOMERY, February 27, 1861. The President of the United States: Being animated by an earnest desire to unite and bind together our respective countries by friendly ties, I have appointed M. J. Crawford, one of our most settled and trustworthy citizens, as special commissioner of the Confederate States of America to the Government of the United States; and I have now the honor to introduce him to you, and to ask for him a reception and treatment corresponding to his station and to the purpose for which he is sent. Those purposes he will more particularly explain to you. Hoping that through his agency. &c. [sic.] JEFF’N DAVIS.

A separate message from both Davis and Confederate Secretary of State Robert Toombs again introduced all three men who had been appointed commissioners to the United States.