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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

February 18, 1864

Diary Entry on Hearing Battle and Cold Weather

Julia Johnson Fisher wrote in her diary of her anxiety as she could hear the sounds of battle nearby, and some very cold weather even in deep south Georgia.

A day of great anxiety. Rapid firing in the region of King’s ferry, from sunrise until dark. Our boys are both probably engaged in the fray. Maj. Bailey sent word yesterday to Julia that she had better remain a while longer as it could be hardly safe to travel. We are in great anxiety. The weather very cold. Sleet and rain freezing as fast as it falls–a tedious night for the poor wounded soldiers. Julia and Sybil talk of going with the mule and buggy tomorrow to Dr. Mitchell’s hoping to gather intelligence. Dianah is sick in bed and everything looks gloomy. The people generally are in a state of alarm. The pickets have all been called in and we are entirely unprotected–hope to hear the result of the battle tomorrow. … Source: Julia Johnson Fisher, 1814-1885 Diary, 1864