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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

February 18, 1864

Soldier Sick, but Moved to Nicer Place

A Georgia soldier stationed in Virginia wrote to his wife, telling her of being sick, but moving to a nicer place.

“…I am sorry to inform you that I have been quite sick for four or five days, and am quite feeble yet. I rested well last night, and eat some breakfast this morning, the first that I have ate for three days that would stay on my stomach. My digestive organs seem to be entirely deranged. … I had sick stomach and threw up a great deal, and also the diareah at the same time. It worsted me pretty badly sure. The Doctor has attended me, but has not given much medicine. I feel so much better today that I hope I will get well soon now. … The day after we got the balance of our boxes, we moved camps about half a mile, and are now camped at an excellent place, wood and water both convenient and plentiful. The springs we get water from our medicinal and said to be very healthy and were once resorted to largely by the rich and invalid. The weather is extremely cold and disagreeable now. A good many have put chimneys to their tents and are very comfortable. …” Source: Jeffrey C. Lowe and Sam Hodges (eds.), Letters to Amanda: The Civil War Letters of Marion Hill Fitzpatrick, Army of Northern Virginia (Macon: Mercer University Press, 1998), pp. 118-119.