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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

February 17, 1864

Soldier Marched from Savannah to Florida, Expected Battle

A Georgia soldier who had recently been in Savannah wrote to his wife about their march to Florida - where he expected a battle any day. He was right; there would be one on February 20.

Yours of the 10th has jest come to hand. It gave me the extreme pleasure of hearing from you wonce more and also of hearing that you was all well. This leaves me in good health at this time hoping these few lines may find you enjoying the same blessing. We left Savannah on the 10th and landed here the 14th. We had to march 28 miles on foot across the country from the Albany & Gulf rail road to Maddersonville Florida from thare we taken the Pensacola and Jacksonville Road to Lake City. We are about 1 mile east of Lake City in camps on the rail road. It is thought thare will be a battle faught here in a vary short time as thare is said to be from 15 to 20 thousand Yanks about 15 miles from here well fortified. Buragard is to be here today. We expect active movement soon after his arival. Hour Redgement was vary sorry they were ordered back to Florida as we were in hopes we would be permanent located at Savannah. I do not know the exact strength of hour forces here but it is a geting prity considerable as thare is reinforcement coming in every day from different points of the Confederacy. Hour rassions is sume better here than they were at Savannah. I do not know we will stay here or not but if I had my choice I would stay in Florida til the war ends if it was not so far from home. The people here is much kinder to the soldiers than they are in Georgia. They will sel anything in the way of pervision all most for half what the Georgians ask for the same article. I do not know when I will get to come home. I recon I will be among the next that is furloughed from hour company but I do not know they will commence granting furloughs from this department as thare is a fight depending here. You may let the ……… alone that you spoke of as I may not knead it. We had to leave all of hour clothing in Madderson as we come through thare so we carry nothing only what we have on and hour blankets. I hav to write on your letter and send it and send it back as you writ on both leaves of the seet of paper. I would write more but I hav no paper nor …….. Kiss the children for me. Source: The Letters of Edmond Hardy Jones, Private, 64th Georgia