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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

February 14, 1864

Woman Upset Husband Returned to War

A woman in Alabama wrote to her sister in Georgia, upset that her husband had to go back to the war.

“…We air in a grat deel of trouble at this time. Wesley has to go to the War agin. I no he is not abel to stand it, but has got to tri it. … I no I hav got to part with my best friend that I have in this world. We are seting together writing [to] day, but it may be the last tim we may ever rit together. I hop he will liv and get hom. He wil star [start] the 24 of this month, I expect. Pray for us that we may meet agin on erth, that we ma live to no this war is ended. …” Source: Hugh McKee (ed.), The McKee Letters 1859-1880. Second Edition. (Milledgeville, Boyd Publishing Company, 2001), p.141.