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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

February 14, 1864

Diary Entry on Missing Home and Family

Julia Johnson Fisher - staying in Camden County during the war - confided to her diary on this day how much she missed home, and was saddened over the loss of family members.

Julia is with us. We are enjoying much. She and Sybil have gone to visit the graves of their husbands. Mr. Fisher is writing to Augustus. Yesterday Kate Lang came over in their double carriage to call on Julia. She brought me a letter from Mary–What joy to get a letter! And yet we expect that they will contain sad news. Benny’s marriage depresses me and yet I should rejoice at his happiness, but with the loss of Emily we lose a great deal. Poor Et too sees much trouble and affliction, and Abby. How I long to see them all. So many changes sadden me. “Friend after friend departs– who has not lost a friend?” I long to go to my family, but where can I go? Now we begin to feel separations and fearful changes. My heart is heavy and lonely. We are continually wondering what is best for us to do. Every gleam of sunshine is beclouded. Our bright visions of happiness have departed. Julia makes many plans for us but we are too short sighted to know which way to turn. Source: Julia Johnson Fisher, 1814-1885 Diary, 1864