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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

February 08, 1865

Sherman Pre-War Letter Published

The Richmond Times Dispatch published a letter written by Union General William T. Sherman before the war, which showed racist attitudes were not confined to the South.

We append an abstract from a letter written before the war by this man, who is now trying to subjugate the South.–It was addressed to a delegate to the Charleston Convention from one of the Western States: “Fort Ridcely, March 20, 1860. “Now, my dear fellow, I am glad you are going South, and all we ask of you is, give us a good President. Stop this damnable negro heresy of the country; from upon every Abolitionist you meet; and, as you pass down through Old Virginia, see that the remnants of that raid of Brown’s, yet unhung, are promptly brought to the halter. And, in the meantime, if you will take a few of our most distinguished sons of the devil (Republicans), now in the Minnesota Legislature, along with you, and let them see. Virginia justice, you will benefit our community. Yours, truly, and in haste, “T. W. Sherman.”