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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

February 07, 1864

Wife Wrote to Soldier in Savannah

The wife of a Georgia soldier stationed in Savannah wrote him on this day, concerned about his welfare and telling him of things at home.

My Dear husban Yours of the 2 came to hand last night and I was truly glad to hear from you but you did not say you was well but only talerrable. this leaves us all well and I do hope may find you well. if you should get sick much I want you to let me no it so I can go to you. honey I think you mite have rote by Mr. Pedy and I could have sent you a box by him. I got the carpet bag but never new how it cam untill I got your letter. If I had I could have had a box out at the depot ready for him to carried to you. it would be a great pleasure to me to send you anything if I had the chance to see some of your company but honey I dont see why you let Mr. Pedy get so far ahed of you. honey you dont love as good as he loves his wife. I recon honey that must be it for I no you are as smart. honey you must try next time you send your cotton pants home and I hardly no what to do about making you more cotton ones but if I make any it will have to be that onless I can get some like I rote you about in my last letter. The children all wants to see pa so bad tha say ……… …………. We got a letter from Carter today. He ses he is in sum better health at present but not well by no meanes. Honey I have nothing new to write you. We have not got any letters from the old neighborhood yet. I cant tell why for I wrote in the Christmas to Mrs. Grear and family. To tell the truth it is expensive to write often whare I am not so interested but I would go down thare if I could but I see no chance to go. I have got you one new shirt ready to make and had the warp to spin. It is blue and purple and the one you left is good. I dont think you will nead new drawrs before fall but if you do I will try to have them ready as soon as I can. Uncle …… and Aunt ……. is talerrable well. The old lady and Carrie about as common. Jim is hear yet he keeps out the way some how but I cant see in to it but has not been home since December tho he is well or was last weak. Honey you must excuse my bad writing for I am siting in corner with it on my lap and the baby trying to pull up by me ……………….. So I must close. My dear rite soon. yours as ever till death Source: The Letters of Edmond Hardy Jones, Private, 64th Georgia