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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

January 28, 1864

Richmond Newspaper Reprinted Prophetic Piece on Lincoln

The Richmond Times Dispatch reprinted an item from a Boston newspaper on how the war was wearing on President Abraham Lincoln; he was chillingly prophetic in predicting he would not last long after it was over.

Lincoln’s Cares. –No man in this agony, says Mrs. Stone, in the Boston Watchman, has suffered more and deeper, albeit with a dry, weary, patient, pain, that seemed to some like insensibility.–“Whichever way it ends,” he said to the writer, “I have the impression that I shan’t last long after it is over.” After the dread of repulse of Fredericksburg, he said, “If there is a man out of hell that suffers more than I do, I pity him.” In those dark days his heavy eyes and worn and weary air told how our reverses wore upon him, and yet there was a never failing fund of patience at the bottom that sometimes rose to the surface in some droll, quaint saying or story, that forced a laugh even from himself.