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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

January 25, 1864

Soldier Unhappy with Furlough Process

A Georgia soldier wrote home to his family, unhappy with the way the furlough process was working.

“…There is a grayt many of the boys going home on furlow and I am mad at the way they manedg it. The man that was the most maritorious dizervin soldier tho they talk like some of the old compny is more dizervin that never had bin in a fite than one of the recruits that has stood to his post in all the duty of a soldier. Tho I will see to some things myself. Mi rites is all I want and I will see to such with ennabody that try to swinel [swindle] me out of my furlow. …” Source: Hugh McKee (ed.), The McKee Letters 1859-1880. Second Edition. (Milledgeville, Boyd Publishing Company, 2001), p.139.