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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

January 25, 1861

Secession Convention Adopted Laws Similar to Previous Laws

Georgia’s secession convention continued meeting - today receiving reports from Mississippi and Tennessee, and adopting several ordinances regarding the structure of the government and judicial system, since they were no longer a part of the United States. However, they did not wish to completely change the nature of the government; in fact it was to continue along the same path, with some notable exceptions:

AN ORDINANCE To adopt and continue in force the laws of the late United States, in the State of Georgia, except as therein specified. The people of Georgia in Convention assembled do declare and ordain as follows: SECTION 1. That such and so much of the laws of the late United States, as are not inconsistent with the ordinance of secession, and the other ordinances of this Convention, and as are applicable and adapted to our present condition and necessities, be and the same are hereby adopted and continued in force in this State–saving and excepting, however, the laws on the subjects following, to wit: The Army; Bounty Lands; Cadets; Census; Coasting Trade; Treason; Fisheries; Lands; the Navy; Pensions; Printing; Public Money; Timber; Treasury Department; and the War Department. SEC. 2. That in all cases in which remedies are provided in civil cases, or punishments are prescribed in criminal cases, both by the laws of the said United States and by the existing laws of this State, then and in all such cases the laws of this State shall take precedence to, and be administered before the said laws of the United States.

Read the full journal of Georgia’s secession convention here.