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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

January 23, 1861

Georgia’s U.S. Representatives Resigned, Convention Voted to Attend Southern Conference

Since Georgia no longer considered itself a part of the United States, all of Georgia’s members in the U.S. House of Representatives resigned.

At the secession convention, the delegates voted to accept Alabama’s invitation to all slaveholding states for a conference to begin on February 4.

And since Federal authority was no longer recognized in Georgia, the convention also agreed to an ordinance to maintain order within the state:

To continue in force the Laws, and to preserve the order, peace, and conveniences of the people of Georgia, until otherwise provided: Whereas, The State of Georgia has seceded from the Federal Union; and whereas, we deem the right, and therefore desire the act, of secession, to be peaceable, and said act shall be peaceable unless otherwise ordered by the Federal Government Therefore, be it Ordained, by the People of Georgia, in Convention assembled, and it is hereby Ordained by the authority of the same: SECTION 1st. That until otherwise provided, all laws and regulations of the Government of the United States, not inconsistent with the Ordinance of secession, and which are applicable to the condition and wants of the people of this State, and necessary to preserve undisturbed the rights of non-residents acquired and vested prior to the passage of the Ordinance of secession, be, and the same are hereby continued in full force, and of binding obligation, upon the authorities and people of the State of Georgia. SEC. 2nd. Be it further Ordained, by the authority aforesaid, That collectors of customs, and all other officers connected with the revenue service, and all other officers connected with the Post Office Department in this State, and all mail carriers, mail contractors, and mail agents, be, and they are hereby allowed to continue to perform their functions of office in this State under the laws, and accountable to the government of the United States, as heretofore. SEC. 3rd. Be it further Ordained, That the Courts and officers thereof of the United States within the State of Georgia, be, and they are hereby authorized to continue in the discharge of their respective duties until otherwise provided by this Convention, or the Convention of the seceding States. SEC. 4th. Be it further Ordained, by the authority aforesaid, That until otherwise ordered, the State of Georgia will, in good faith, observe and keep all treaties and contract obligations made and entered into by the General Government while Georgia was a member thereof, as far as the same are applicable to, or require duties of, the State of Georgia.

Read the full journal of Georgia’s secession convention here.