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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

January 14, 1864

People of Alabama and Georgia Determined to Fight for Independence

The Richmond Times Dispatch reprinted a report from a Memphis newspaper on the determination of the people of Alabama and Georgia to continue the fight for independence.

Provisions in the South. –The Memphis (Yankee) Journal, of the 21st ult., says: A friend who has made an extensive tour through Eastern Dixie returned yesterday, bringing full files of Southern papers, and communicating much interesting intelligence from Alabama and Georgia. He tells us that the people are by no means discouraged by the recent disasters to their armies. They are as plucky as ever in their determination to contend to the last for entire independence from the North. The conscript law is everywhere being rapidly enforced. Camps of new recruits are seen in all directions. Soldiers generally are well clothed for the winter, the only serious deficiency being in the supply of shoes.–Food everywhere seemed abundant. His opinion, from personal observation there, is that there are breadstuffs enough in the South to feed the population and armies for two years. There is some apprehension that supplies of meat may, in consequence of the interruption of intercourse with Texas, be deficient; but the abundant corn crops will increase the quantity of pork fattened. There are no fears of famine in the meat department.