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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

January 02, 1865

Review of Previous Year in Georgia Printed

The Richmond Times Dispatch printed a succinct review of what happened in Georgia the previous year.

The campaign of Sherman, early in the spring, from Vicksburg to the Alabama line, with the purpose of taking Mobile and Selma, having failed, that officer was transferred to Chattanooga to take command there. He began to move against General Johnston early in June That officer fell back from one position to another until he had reached Atlanta, fighting on the retreat several severe battles, in which, while he lost only nine thousand men, he inflicted upon the enemy, according to their own statements, a loss of fifty-five thousand. Here, to the great regret of the whole country, and of none so much as the army he commanded, he was relieved by General Hood. This General, after fighting a bloody and indecisive action, was eventually defeated by Sherman at Jonesboro’, and fell back in the direction of Macon Subsequently, he got in the rear of Sherman and marched into Tennessee, where, after a hard-won victory at Franklin, he was defeated before Nashville by Thomas. We have the results of that defeat only from the Yankees. We shall, therefore, not state them here. In the meantime, Sherman, finding himself unopposed, marched, almost without resistance, through Georgia and took Savannah.