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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

January 02, 1861

Georgians Voted for Secession Convention Delegates

Georgia voters went to the polls to elect delegates to the secession convention.

But all Georgians were still not convinced secession was the best policy, as evidenced by the following article published in the Valley Spirit of Chambersburg, PA.

” The Republicans are constantly talking about the violent tone at the South, but we find warm, patriotic, conservative feeling there as often as anywhere. Here is a preamble and resolution adopted at a large public meeting holden in Lumpkin county, Georgia, on the 4th instant:– “The people of Lumpkin county view with regret the continuous manifestation of the spirit of aggression on the part of a portion of the Northern States against the people of the South, and the election of a sectional man to the Presidency of the United States, gives renewed evidence of their intention to continue their acts of aggression. And at the same time they view with dread the hasty action, as contemplated by many Southern patriots who are in favor of immediate secession; therefore, Resolved, That we are opposed to immediate secession, and are in favor of redressing existing evils by constitutional measures, believing that a prudent exercise of the powers preserved by our Constitution to the States and the people will be found a remedy for existing evils, and that it would be unwise to destroy our government until all constitutional measures of redress have been tried without producing the desired result.”