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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

February 19, 1865

Georgia Soldier in Alabama Concerned about Family

A Georgia soldier serving as a guard at a Confederate prison in Alabama wrote home to his brother and sister, worried that he had heard nothing from them in a long time.

“…It seames a long time sense I heard from you or enny of my connection. I am vary anxious to hear from you all. I am still at Cahaba the same plase when you heard from me last. I have not herd from you sense last spring. I want to know what has become of you all. I have not herd from home sense I was at your house. I have rote and rote and could get eny anser. If you have ever heard enny thing from my family, pleas don’t delay to let me know. … It seames that I am way hear cut off from my family and all my near relatives and can’t hear from them. I think hard and hear [here] I expect to have to remain, I can’t tell how long. God only knows. Duty is heavy. I am on guard every other day and night guarding Yankey prisners. … You all must wright to me. My health has bei good ever sense I saw you, with the exseption of two weaks. I had chills. I will have to close as I have no more room. …” Source: Hugh McKee (ed.), The McKee Letters 1859-1880. Second Edition. (Milledgeville, Boyd Publishing Company, 2001), pp.149-150.