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Tift County was created on Aug. 17, 1905 by an act of the General Assembly (Ga. Laws 1905, p. 60). Formed from portions of Berrien, Irwin, and Worth counties, Georgia's 141st county was thought to be named for Nelson Tift, who helped found the city of Albany. Tift became a important local businessman, local judge, militia commander, member of the Georgia House of Representatives, newspaper publisher, railroad official, and member of Congress (1868-69). Although he did not live in the county that would take his name, Tift was well known for his efforts to promote the economic resources of south Georgia. Although there is some rationale for the name of Tift County also being to honor Nelson Tift's nephew, Henry Harding Tift, who in 1872 founded the community that became known as Tifton, the original legislation creating Tift County specifically credits the name to Nelson Tift. This was changed in 2013, when new legislation was passed and signed into law by the governor, now indicating that Tift County is indeed named for Henry Harding Tift.

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