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8th Grade Georgia Studies
Georgia Performance Standards

Table of Contents


Historical Understandings

SS8H2 Prehistoric Indians/European Exploration

SS8H2 Colonial Georgia

SS8H3 American Revolution

SS8H4 U.S. Constitution

SS8H5 Development of Georgia: 1789-1840

SS8H6 Civil War and Reconstruction

SS8H7 Changes in Georgia: 1877-1918

SS8H8 Events After World War I: 1918-1941

SS8H9 Impact of World War II: 1941-1945

SS8H10 Post-World War II Era: 1945-1970

SS8H11 Georgia in the Civil Rights Movement

SS8H12 Developments in Georgia Since 1970


Geographic Understandings

SS8G1 Georgia with Regard to Physical Features and Location

SS8G2 Georgia's Four Transportation Systems


Civic/Government Understandings

SS8CG1 Role of Citizens Under Georgia's Constitution

SS8CG2 Role of Georgia's Legislative Branch

SS8CG3 Role of Georgia's Executive Branch

SS8CG4 Role of Georgia's Legislative Branch

SS8CG5 Role of Georgia's Local Governments

SS8CH6 Treatment of Juvenile Offenders in Georgia


Economic Understandings

SS8E1 Goods and Services in Georgia's Different Historical Periods

SS8E2 Benefits of Free Trade

SS8E3 Influence of Georgia's Economic Growth and Development

SS8E4 State and Local Government Revenue Sources and Services

SS8E5 Personal Money Management Choices