Conditions of Use

This web site was created primarily to provide teachers, students, media specialists, and other educators with a source of images specifically tied to the state-mandated Georgia Performance Standards for 8th grade Georgia Studies. However, the images may be used in conjunction with any grade -- including higher education -- and in any school setting -- whether public or private.

No permission is necessary, so long as the use is educational and non-commercial. For other uses, contact me. Conditional right to use photos, maps, or graphics does not constitute abandonment of applicable copyright claims that I may have, including my rights to alterations and restoration of images in the public domain that I have undertaken. Also, as a condition of use, any credit listed with a photo, map, or graphic must be retained.

Most horizontal-format images are 7 inches in width, and vertical-format images are 6 inches in height, with all images 72 dpi. These sizes and resolution were selected specifically to allow use of images with presentation software, such as PowerPoint.

Ed Jackson