About GeorgiaInfo

Welcome to the new GeorgiaInfo - an online almanac about the state of Georgia! Our redesigned site offers quick facts about Georgia in an updated, visually appealing format. This new format is also designed to work well with the new technology available today - GeorgiaInfo should display equally well on your tablet, pad, or phone.

Our new site is highlighted by the revolving photo gallery on the home page; it will feature six rotating images showing the natural (and sometimes man-made) beauty of Georgia. The images will be changed regularly, so check back often to see more of the visual pleasures Georgia has to offer.

Navigation throughout the site is by topics and features listed on drop down menus at the top of the home page - each of these links will take you to a page with information about a specific aspect of Georgia - history, maps, counties, cities, wildlife, etc. The same menus will be available at the top of each page throughout the site. If you are looking for a specific subject, there is a search feature - also located in the top navigation bar.

The four columns directly below the photo gallery will feature links to some of our most heavily used or most timely topics. Naturally, these topics are also included in the navigation bar at the top of the page. The items in this area will also change occasionally, but all of the information on the site will remain available at all times - through the navigation bar.

This Day in Georgia History and In Their Own Words have always been among GeorgiaInfo’s more popular features. These features are highlighted at the bottom of the home page.

For what is new on GeorgiaInfo - and it will be continuously updated - check out “Recent Updates” under “About” on the navigation bar at the top. On the same drop down menu, you will also find a page with general information on the state of Georgia.

We hope you will enjoy the new GeorgiaInfo, and as always welcome your comments and suggestions.

GeorgiaInfo is part of the Digital Library of Georgia, and is hosted by GALILEO and the University of Georgia Libraries.

GeorgiaInfo was created in 1996 by Ed Jackson, and with the assistance of Charles Pou, it was hosted by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government from its inception until 2008, when it moved to the Digital Library of Georgia.