Georgia Place Names

Welcome to the Georgia Place Names website! The purpose of this site is to document all place names in Georgia, both historical and current. Naturally, with a state as large and diverse as Georgia, this is a monumental undertaking, but one we thought well worthwhile for the study of local history, genealogy and geography. The main source for locating place names was the Historical Atlas of Georgia Counties. Each place name located on one of these maps was noted, and a link to the appropriate map provided. Where names were located in secondary sources, but not in the Historical Atlas, links to other websites or information on finding these locations is provided. There are lists of names in both alphabetical order, and by county location.

The primary criteria for including a place name is if it is (or was) a place of human settlement. Thus not only cities and towns are included, but also forts, post offices, railroad stations and crossings, plus other various type place names indicating a human settlement. Geographic names are not included, unless they also indicate a place of settlement (such as Stone Mountain).

As Georgia expanded, new territory was added - and new counties created. County lines sometime shifted even without the addition of new land, plus post office locales sometime moved. Thus, many place names appear in more than one county. When this occurred, attempts have been made to indicate in which county a place was located on certain dates. There are also duplication of many place names; in these cases we have attempted to note each one in each county. On various maps there are some different spellings of the same place names; these have also been noted.

We hope you will enjoy this index of Georgia place names, from the most famous - like Atlanta and Savannah - to the more unique, such as Rough & Ready, Santa Claus and Hopeulikeit! The history of Georgia can be read in its place names, from those brought over from Europe, from Biblical references, and from Native American names that still remain in many places. This will be an ongoing project as we find and scan more maps, and as other information on place names is discovered. If you know of a place name not listed on this site, or have different information on one which is listed, please contact us and let us know.


Please send any comments or corrections to Charles Pou.