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Georgia Bill

Act of Congress

approved July 15, 1870

The Georgia Bill

Section 1. Be it enacted, etc., That the State of Georgia having complied with the Reconstructions acts, and fourteenth and fifteenth amendments to the Constitution of the United States, having been ratified in good faith by the legal Legislature of said State, it is hereby declared that the State of Georgia is entitled to representation in the Congress of the United States; and nothing in this or any other act of Congress shall be construed to affect the term to which any officer has been appointed, or any member of the General Assembly elected as prescribed by the Constitution of the State of Georgia.

Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, etc., That so much of the Act entitled ” an act making appropriations for the support of the army, for the year ending June 30th, 1868, and for other purposes,” approved March 2d, 1867, as prohibits the organization, arming or calling into service of the militia forces in the States of Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, and the same is hereby repealed.”