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Georgia General Assembly Resolution of Feb. 6, 1850

1849-50 Session of the Georgia General Assembly

Resolution Adopted February 6, 1850

Resolutions to send Delegates to the Nashville Convention.

The Joint Committee on the State of the Republic, to whom were referred certain resolutions of the members of the Legislature of the State of South Carolina, and other resolutions introduced in the House of Representatives of this General Assembly, relative to a proposed Convention of the people of the slaveholding States, recommend the adoption of the following resolutions:

Resolved, 1st. That this General Assembly regard most favorably the recommendation emanating from the people of Mississippi, that the people of the slaveholding States meet in Convention at Nashville on the first Monday in June next, as eminently conducive to harmonious and efficient action among them in defense of the institution of slavery, and all the rights incident thereto, guaranteed by the letter and by the spirit of the Constitution.

Resolved, 2d. That both branches of the General Assembly will meet in the Representative Hall, on Thursday next at 11 o’clock, for the purpose of sending four delegates from the State at large to the Nashville Convention.

Resolved, 3d. That we recommend to the people of this State to send two delegates from each of their Congressional Districts of this State to said Nashville Convention, to be elected on the first Tuesday in April next, by the people of said Districts: and that his Excellency the Governor, by his proclamation to the people of this State, make known the day of election herein designated, to be held as elections are for members of the Legislature, and that the return of the election so held by the people, shall be made to the Governor as elections for members of Congress by the people are; and upon the returns so made his Excellency the Governor shall, by his proclamation, make known to the persons so elected; and in the event any of the delegates so elected shall refuse to accept the appointment by the 15th of May, or if any vacancy shall in any manner occur, then the Governor shall be and he is hereby requested to fill such vacancy by appointment from whichever party the vacancy shall happen.

Resolved, 4th. That in the election of delegates to the Convention, we would recommend that the same be done by the election of an equal number from each political party in the several counties in this State.

Resolved, 5th. That his Excellency the Governor be requested to forward a copy of these resolutions to the Executive of each slaveholding State, to be laid before the Legislature of each State.

Assented to, February 6th, 1850.