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Colonist Peter Gordon Early Report

Year: 1733. Exactly one month after arriving in Georgia, colonist Peter Gordon recorded another significant first, then went on to describe how houses were being built:

“March 1st the first house in the square was framed, and raised,
Mr. Oglethorp driving the first pinn. Before this we hade proceeded
in a very unsetled manner, having been imployed in severall different things such as cutting down trees, and cross cutting them to proper lengths, for clapp boards. And afterwards spitting them into clapp boards, in order to build us clapp board houses, which was the first design, but that not answearing the expectation, we were now divided into different gangs, and each gang had their proper labour assign’d to them and to be under the direction of one persone of each gang so that we proceeded in owr labour, much more regular thane before, there being four setts of carpenters, who hade each of them a quarter of the first ward, alloted to them to build, a sett of shingle makers, with proper people to cross cutt and splitt, and a suffitient number of negroe sawyers, who were hired from Carolina to be assisting to us. ...”