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Act of Ga. General Assembly appropriating $1,000,000 for Georgia’s defense, Nov. 16, 1860

Act of the Georgia General Assembly

Nov. 16, 1860


Act No. 54

An Act to provide for the common defence of the State of Georgia, and to appropriate money for the same.

WHEREAS, The protection of the rights and the preservation of the liberties of the people of Georgia, require that the State should be placed in a posture of complete defence.

1. SECTION. I. Be it therefore enacted, &c., That the sum of one million dollars be, and the same is hereby appropriated, as a Military Fund for the year eighteen hundred and sixty-one; to be expended by the Governor, in such manner as he may deem best, for the purpose of placing the State in a condition of defense; unless otherwise appropriated by direct action of the General Assembly, to the purpose aforesaid.

2. SEC. II. And be it further enacted, &c., That, should there, at any time, be a deficiency of money in the Treasury, not otherwise appropriated, necessary to meet, in whole or in part, as it may be needed, the said appropriation, then, the Governor be, and he is hereby authorized and empowered to issue and negotiate bonds of the State, of five hundred dollars each, payable twenty years from date, bearing six per cent. interest, payable semi-annually, with coupons attached, in such sums as may be requisite to supply such deficiency.

Assented to Nov. 16th, 1860.

Ga. Laws 1860, p. 49.