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McCaysville Basin District

Appalachian Highlands Major Division

Blue Ridge Province

Southern Blue Ridge Section

McCaysville Basin District

Mountains almost completely enclose the McCaysville Basin District and rise from the 2000 foot elevation at the edge of the basin to heights of 4000-4500 feet above sea level. This topographic basin is bisected by the northeast-trending Jasper Ridges; however, the topography on both sides of these ridges is remarkably similar. The gently rolling topography, produced by erosion of the Great Smoky Group, varies in elevation from 1600 to 1800 feet. Relief throughout the Basin varies from 200-300 feet except along the northwest-flowing stream valleys and near the Jasper Ridges where it ranges from 300-500 feet.

Source: William Z. Clark, Jr. and Arnold C. Zisa, Physiographic Map of Georgia (Atlanta: Georgia Department of Natural Resources, 1976).