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Bacon Terraces District

Atlantic Plain Major Division

Coastal Plain Province

Sea Island Section

Bacon Terraces District

Several moderately dissected terraces, generally parallel to the present coastline, are detectable on topographic maps of the Bacon Terraces District. However, they are very difficult to observe on the ground because the east facing scarps are very subtle. The terrace levels occur at elevations of 330-310 feet, 295-275 feet, 265-255 feet, 240 feet, 230 feet, 215-190 feet, and 180-160 feet. This district, on the north, west, and south corresponds to the Satilla River drainage basin with its boundaries on the basin divide. The eastern boundary is the western base of Trail ridge at approximately the 150 foot elevation. The southeast-trending, very extended, dendritic drainage pattern has formed on Upper Tertiary sediments. This drainage network has produced long, narrow interfluves with gently rounded to flat summits that rise gradually 50 to 100 feet above the narrow, marshy floodplains.

Source: William Z. Clark, Jr. and Arnold C. Zisa, Physiographic Map of Georgia (Atlanta: Georgia Department of Natural Resources, 1976).