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Armuchee Ridges District

Appalachian Highlands Major Division

Ridge and Valley Province

Southern Valley and Ridge Section

Armuchee Ridges District

A series of prominent, narrow, chevron-shaped ridges dominate the Armuchee Ridges District. These ridges rise abruptly 600-700 feet above the Chickamauga Valley District to the northwest and the Great Valley district to the south and east. The southern and eastern boundary closely parallels the Rome Fault. These ridges, capped predominantly by the Red Mountain sandstone of Silurian age, stand at elevations of 1400-1600 feet. Intervening valley floors are generally underlain by shales and limestones of Mississippian and Cambro-Ordovician age, respectively.

Source: William Z. Clark, Jr. and Arnold C. Zisa, Physiographic Map of Georgia (Atlanta: Georgia Department of Natural Resources, 1976)