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Chattooga River (northwest Georgia)

There are actually two Chattooga Rivers in Georgia; one (the better known of the two) originates in North Carolina, helps form the Georgia/South Carolina boundary, and is a tributary of the Tugaloo River. This page is about the other, lesser known, Chattooga River, in northwest Georgia and Alabama. This Chattooge River originates as a small stream in Walker County, but doesn’t become a legitimate river until it reaches into Chattooga County. From there it crosses the border into Alabama, finally emptying into the Coosa River. This Chattooga River is approximately 50 miles long. The Coosa River flows southwestward through Alabama, joining with the Tallapoosa River to form the Alabama River, which flows southward into the Gulf of Mexico.


Georgia’s Other Chattooga River (About North Georgia)
Chattooga River (
DeSoto on the Chattooga River (DeSoto’s Conquest Trail)

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Chattooga River Map
Source: Reid McCallister and Charles Pou