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In Their Own Words

December 14, 1738

Oglethorpe’s Presence Missed

William Stephens, the Trustees’ secretary in Georgia, was responsible for keeping the Trustees informed on what was happening in their colony. However, by this time, there were two Georgias - the area around Savannah (where Stephens lived) and the military frontier to the south (where James Oglethorpe and his British regiment were stationed at Frederica on St. Simons Island). Stephens’ journal entry for today showed his concern about Oglethorpe’s absence:

“… Indeed his Presence among us was much wished for now, as well on Account of this Representation so warmly carried on, as because our Stores were near exhausted, by Means of divers very large Quantities that had been drawn out, by several Creditors, who had it in their Option to take Provisions instead of Money, if they liked so to do; wherein they acted variously, as they were well or ill affected, or as their Necessities obliged them to support their own Credit: And there being yet no Appearance how the Stores would be recruited, gave a melancholy Prospect of what might happen… .”

Source: William Stephens, A Journal of the Proceeding in Georgia ([no city cited]: Readex Microprint Corporation, 1966), Vol. I, p. 356.