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This Day in Georgia Civil War History

November 29, 1860

Newspaper Reports on Secession Movement in Deep South

The Richmond Times Dispatch printed an article on “The Secession Movement in the South,” in which they said the following about Georgia and other deep South states.

“…There is no reasonable doubt but that Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Texas and Arkansas will immediately follow, and that the other Southern States will eventually complete the galaxy. It was not to be expected that they would move before South Carolina; not on account of any want of patriotism and determination to resist aggression and insult - not because they are less informed of their rights, or less prepared to defend them, but on account of the national parties, so lately striving for victory in the Presidential canvass, in which contest there would naturally arise distrust and jealousy of each other, and a scramble for the ascendancy. Now that the Presidential election is over, and an enemy of their section is chosen to rule over them, we find all parties becoming united against the common enemy, and prepared to forget their past divisions and unite in defence of their altars and firesides. …”